Asian Games Quarterfinals Results Day 2

2014 Asian Games Mascots

2014 Asian Games Men’s Basketball Game Results
Quarterfinal Round Day 2
September 27, 2014 – Incheon, South Korea

Group H Results
South Korea defeated Philippines, 97-95
Top Scorer: Taejong Moon – 38 points
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Kazakhstan defeated Qatar, 65-57
Top Scorer: Dmitriy Gavrilov – 22 points

Group G Results
Iran defeated Mongolia, 107-69
Top Scorer: Mohammad Jamshidijfarabadi – 20 points

Japan defeated China, 79-72
Top Scorer: Makoto Hiejima – 23 points

Group Standings
Group G
Iran 2-0
Japan 1-1
China 1-1
Mongolia 0-2

Group H
South Korea 2-0
Qatar 1-1
Kazakhstan 1-1
Philippines 0-2

Top 2 teams from each group will enter the Semifinals

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