FIBA Asia Cup Semifinals Results

2014 FIBA Asia Cup Wuhan

5th FIBA Asia Cup Semifinals Results

* Iran defeats Philippines, 76-55
Mohammad Jamshidi with 19 points

* Chinese-Taipei defeats China, 75-60
Cheng Liu with 22 points each

5th FIBA Asia Cup 5-8 Placing Results

* Jordan defeats India, 69-65

* Japan defeats Singapore, 82-48

Iran will face Chinese-Taipei in the 2014 FIBA Asia Cup Finals while Philippines will face China in the Battle for 3rd Place.

2 Responses to FIBA Asia Cup Semifinals Results

  1. joyap says:

    i am for philippines but the chinese are much taller!

  2. frenzymaffy says:

    Philippenes go lng ng go

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