Chot Reyes Gilas Pilipinas Record

Gilas Pilipinas Head Coach Feature Part II: Vincent “Chot” Reyes – A look at the record of Gilas Pilipinas Head Coach Chot Reyes from 2012-2014 and 2017.

Gilas Pilipinas Head Coach Chot Reyes

Gilas Pilipinas Tournaments under Chot Reyes
1st Place (34th William Jones Cup or 2012 Jones Cup – Aug 18-26, 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan)
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4th Place (2012 FIBA Asia Cup – Sept 14-22, 2012 in Tokyo, Japan)

1st Place (2013 Super Kung Sheung Cup – Jan 22-27, 2013 in Hong Kong)
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2nd Place (2013 FIBA Asia Championship – Aug 1-11, 2013 in Manila)
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3rd Place (2014 FIBA Asia Cup – July 11-19, 2014 in Wuhan, China)
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21st Place (2014 FIBA World Cup – Aug 30-Sep 14 in Spain)
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7th Place (2014 Asian Games – Sep 20-Oct 3, 2014 in Incheon, South Korea)
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1st Place (2017 SEABA Championship – May 12-18, 2017 in Manila, Philippines)
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4th Place (2017 Jones Cup – July 15-23, 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan)
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2 Responses to Chot Reyes Gilas Pilipinas Record

  1. val says:

    maganda record mo coach chot kasi yong players line mo composed of pba players,,,compered to coach toroman halus lahat amateur players pero naka pagbigay pa nang aganda record…ano palagay nyo,, sino maganda?

  2. jun says:

    palagay ko mas maganda kay coach toroman kahit amateur yung mga players nya naka pag bigay naman nang magandang record sa atin,, e ano pakaya kon composed of pba players,,,

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