Another come from behind win by Smart Gilas, now 4-0

2012 William Jones Cup
Philippines defeats Japan, 88-84
August 22, 2012
Taipei, Taiwan

Game Highlights:
-Marcus Douthit led Smart Gilas with 26 points and 13 rebounds
-Jeff Chan with 14 points
-Gabe Norwood with an all-around game: 11 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists
-Great game by LA Tenorio with 13 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists
-Japan led by as much as 13 points in the 4th quarter
-4 straight wins by Philippines, now with 4-0 record
-Gabe Norwood, Jeff Chan and Gary David made crucial 3 pointers in the last quarter
-Marcus Douthit and Jeff Chan sealed the game with their free throws shooting
-Philippines just scored 10 points in the 2nd quarter
-Next game: August 23 vs Lebanon at 8pm

Game Scores:
Philippines 88 – Douthit 26, Chan 14, Tenorio 13, Norwood 11, De Ocampo 8, David 7, Mercado 6, Baracael 3, Fonacier 0, Reyes 0, Villanueva 0.

Japan 84 – Takeuchi 17, Watanabe 16, Sakurain 14, Tanaka 10, Hinkley 6, Hashimoto 5, Hiejima 5, Harimoto 3, Furukawa 3, Kanamaru 3, Ota 2, Kurihara 0.

Quarterscores: 26-23; 36-47; 58-71, 88-84

14 Responses to Another come from behind win by Smart Gilas, now 4-0

  1. Butch says:

    August 22, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    We are 4-0, we should be happy. Lets support our team ang applaud them because of their big heart. We could have lost that game against japan but we won. Thanks to Douhit, jeff chan and Gary David. Anlaysis should be made with the performance of L.A tenorio (Although he can score, but the international brand of play just would’nt suit him), and Enrico Villanueva. This is just my observation. Baracael was’nt just as effective when he was with the original smart gilas team. Anyway, these are all experimentations before the actual qualififying tournament and we have a lot of time to adjust. Hoping for the betterment of Philippine Basketball and Philippine sports in general. I will forever be a PBA fan, but i supported the smart gilas 1 100 percent or even more. im probably one of those who dreams that one day we could bring those glory days back. Ariba Philippine Team. Arriba Tau Gamma Phi! ( sorry, I just could’nt Help it ). Good Day to all!

  2. Jerome says:

    does this games have a replay on television?.
    what day?
    what time?
    please i want to watch the games.

  3. Emeng says:

    We know that we lack the height that we need in International Competition. Without Douhit, we can’t win big games. I just hope that the coaching staff will give Douhit a back up for the centre position with heights from 6’11 up.

    The next thing is that our 2, 3, 4 positions must also be taller than what we have now in the current pool of players playing in the Jones cup. I admire Chan, Fonacier and David for their outside shooting threat. Pero ang 4 position natin, sana may matangkad pang madagdag na athletic. Bear in mind that Iran, Lebanon, and Jordan are tall teams including China.

    PG – Sol Mercado
    PG – Gabe Norwood
    PG – Miller / Rosser
    SG – David
    SG – Chan
    SG – Fonacier / James Yap
    SF – De Ocampo
    SF – Sonny Thoss
    PF – Williams
    PF – Aguilar
    C – Douhit
    C – Slaughter / Fajardo

    Marami pa bago pasok sa PBA kaya sana pagisipan pa nila mabuti. Chemistry is number one, pero kung maliliit lang ang line up, what’s the point.

  4. KC says:

    L.A Tenorio is not the type of player for international Game like this he so careless with the ball..Enrico Villanueva really in effective player. he seem to be the most Kenkoy player in that line up..hope Coach Reyes will find player to replace the 2-player for future tournament.

  5. dennis says:

    Great comeback win and good points Mr. butch. This team was formed out of the willingness of each player to commit with the GILAS team. Other and better players were invited but were not allowed by their mother teams or the players begged off. If you notice there are no players of SMB owned franchises. Realistically, we could have formed a stronger team. There are a few players who are just sitting on the bench or have played sparingly. Our rotation is just 8-9 strong. Imagine if we had a very deep bench. So for a 4-0 start and a win against Korea, Japan and Jordan so far, hats off to our team. We are expected to win against Lebanon and Taiwan-A but Iran and USA will be difficult especially with our shallow bench. Congrats to the GILAS 2 team and more power to PH basketball and PH sports!

  6. pinoyako says:

    Sa mga gustong manood ng laban ng gilas sa live stream at may mga replays din sila..
    Check nyo lang sa chatbox nila ung mga links, dun pinopost ng admin ung mga links ng live na laban at replays din..

    e2 ang website:

    Hope nakatulong sa inyo..


  7. square X says:

    Gilas 2 is much deeper team than Gilas 1.. We just need another big man to help Douhit.. Honestly for now, we just dont have a talented big like my idol asi taulava who plays like a seven footer and is a monster on court..fajardo is too slow, jr. Reyes is not taht aggresive.. He is big, but c’mon jr. Reyes i know you can be a monster ala charles barkley for the gilas team.. I have really high hopes this time for our national team.. Pinoy Pride..!! China, iran are now shivering..wacthout Gilas will hurt you.. Hahahaha.. Goodluck

  8. Zerocoach says:

    All close games w/o Douthit baka walang panalo Philippines. Sobra liit ng line up si Tenorio & Villanueva wala sure ball dami p error. Si Norwood perfect sa intl at 6’5 magaling mg pt guard. Ano plan (B) mo Chot Reyes if na injured or fouled out si Duuthit for sure wala!!!! Dapat mas madami ka Center na matangkad tulad nila Slaughter,Yancy,Aguilar etc. Hangat ang PBA ay 6’5 center na & forward 6’3 wala kamote sa intl. Problema din ng coach yan yung matatangkad natin binabangko imbis na turuan & maximized yung height. Ang pinaglalaro mga guards na 5’11 shit….basketball is a height game hinde agawan buko!!!!!

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