FIBA Asia Championship Day 1 Results

Opening Day of the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship in Changsha, China (September 23, 2015)

Gilas Pilipinas vs Palestine

2015 FIBA Asia Championship Day 1 Results
Group B Game 1: Hong Kong defeated Kuwait, 87-50
Top Scorer: Ki Lee with 15 points

Group B Game 2: Palestine defeated Gilas Pilipinas, 75-73
Top Scorer: Jamal Abu Shamala with 26 points
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Group A Game 1: Iran defeated Japan, 86-48
Top Scorer: Oshin Sahakian with 15 points

Group A Game 2: India defeated Malaysia, 102-73
Top Scorer: Akilan Pari with 18 points

Group C Game 1: South Korea defeated Jordan, 87-60
Top Scorer: Sungmin Cho with 19 points

Group C Game 2: China defeated Singapore, 91-42
Top Scorer: Xiaochuan Zhai with 13 points

Group D Game 1: Lebanon defeated Chinese-Taipei, 92-87
Top Scorer: Ahmad Ibrahim with 23 points

Group D Game 2: Qatar defeated Kazakhstan in OT, 79-75
Top Scorer: Clinton Johnson with 31 points

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Current Standings (As of end of September 23, 2015)
Group A
-India (1-0)
-Iran (1-0)
-Japan (0-1)
-Malaysia (0-1)

Group B
-Hong Kong (1-0)
-Palestine (1-0)
-Kuwait (0-1)
-Philippines (0-1)

Group C
-China (1-0)
-South Korea (1-0)
-Jordan (0-1)
-Singapore (0-1)

Group D
-Lebanon (1-0)
-Qatar (1-0)
-Chinese-Taipei (0-1)
-Kazakhstan (0-1)

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