FIBA Asia Championship Day 4 Results

Day 4 (Second Round Day 1) of the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship in Changsha, China (September 27, 2015)

Andray Blatche and Asi Taulava

2015 FIBA Asia Championship Day 4 Results
Group E Game 1: Iran defeated Hong Kong, 111-56

Group E Game 2: India defeated Palestine, 73-70

Group E Game 3: Philippines defeated Japan, 73-66
Top Scorer: Andray Blatche with 18 points
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Group F Game 1: South Korea defeated Lebanon, 85-71

Group F Game 2: China defeated Kazakhstan, 75-62

Group F Game 3: Jordan defeated Qatar, 84-73

Classification 13-16: Kuwait defeated Malaysia, 83-61

Classification 13-16: Chinese-Taipei defeated Singapore, 111-65

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Current Standings (As of End of September 27)
Group E
-Iran (3-0)
-Palestine (2-1)
-Philippines (2-1)
-India (1-2)
-Japan (1-2)
-Hong Kong (0-3)

Group F
-China (3-0)
-Qatar (2-1)
-South Korea (2-1)
-Jordan (1-2)
-Lebanon (1-2)
-Kazakhstan (0-3)

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  1. ROGELIO M. EUGENio says:

    I believe China and Iran are the best teams in 2015 FIBA ASIA considering the fact that the event is being played in China an advantage on their part. On the other side, Iran one of the favorite teams to win will be expected to dominate the tournament.

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