FIBA Asia U16 Day 3 Results

2015 FIBA Asia U16 Championship Day 3 Results (October 31, 2015 – Jakarta, Indonesia)

Batang Gilas

Group C
Game 1: Thailand defeated Bahrain, 65-58
No game for Philippines (Batang Gilas)

Group A
Game 1: Japan defeated Hong Kong, 86-51
Game 2: Kuwait defeated Malaysia, 81-66

Group B
Game 1: Lebanon defeated Bangladesh, 20-0
Game 2: Chinese-Taipei defeated Indonesia, 79-56

Group D
Game 1: Iraq defeated India, 90-69
Game 2: China defeated South Korea, 91-65

FIBA Asia U16 Current Standings (As of End of October 31)
Group A
-Japan (3-0)
-Malaysia (1-2)
-Kuwait (1-2)
-Hong Kong (1-2) *Eliminated

Group B
-Chinese-Taipei (3-0)
-Indonesia (1-2)
-Lebanon (2-1)
-Bangladesh (0-3) *Eliminated

Group C
-Philippines (2-0)
-Thailand (1-1)
-Bahrain (0-2) *Eliminated

Group D
-China (3-0)
-South Korea (2-1)
-Iraq (1-2)
-India (0-3) *Eliminated

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  1. Dave Barrios says:

    Calling on SBP, you are concentrating too much on the men’team. You should try to come up with better program to recruit taller players to don the national jersey for U16 to U20. Our team is the shortest out there, we will be fortunate to make it to top four. But I have my doubts, 5th to 6th place is more likely our finish in the current FIBA Asia U16

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