FIBA Asia U16 Day 7 Results

2015 FIBA Asia U16 Championship Day 7 (Quarterfinals) Results (November 5, 2015 – Jakarta, Indonesia)


FIBA Asia U16 Quarterfinals Results
Game 1: Japan defeated Philippines (Batang Gilas), 73-66
Top Scorer: Sam Josef Belangel with 22 points
Read Recap: Japan eliminates Batang Gilas

Game 2: Chinese-Taipei defeated Thailand, 88-39
Game 3: South Korea defeated Lebanon, 105-79
Game 4: China defeated Kuwait, 103-42

Classification (9-12th Place)
-Indonesia defeated Bahrain, 82-81
-Iraq defeated Malaysia, 75-49

FIBA Asia U16 Semifinals (Nov 6)
Semifinals 1: Chinese-Taipei vs Japan
Semifinals 2: South Korea vs China

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