Gilas Pilipinas lost to France by 9

France vs Gilas Pilipinas

Gilas Pilipinas lost to France, 93-84 in their 1st game of the 2016 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Andray Blatche led Gilas with 21 points and 8 rebounds while Terrence Romeo scored 19 points (3/5 from 3). Jayson Castro with 14 points and 3 assists. Gilas led in the 1st quarter, 30-22 but France took the lead at halftime.

Nando de Colo led France with 27 points while Tony Parker with 21 points. Jeff Chan was 3/5 from the three-point line and finished with 9 points. Troy Rosario had a good game with 6 points and 9 rebounds.

Must win game vs New Zealand tomorrow, July 6 at 9pm.

Philippines 84 – Blatche 21, Romeo 19, Castro 14, Chan 9, Rosario 6, Norwood 4, de Ocampo 3, Parks 3, Reyes 3, Pingris 2, Fajardo 0.

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  1. drverallo says:

    my heart is grimacing in pain for the loss of gilas to france, but i am still hopeful that we could win tomorrow against new zealand and continue to pursue our olympic dream…. ONLY IF WE USE OUR WINNING FORMULA – the formula experimented and used by coach chot reyes against SENEGAL where we registered our first and only win so far in international games after a long period of time – that winning formula is the TANDEM OF BLATCHE and FAJARDO playing together for quality minutes. blatche needs the help of fajardo inside the shaded lane. fajardo can help blatche a lot in rebounds, defense and inside scoring. de ocampo is at his best at 3 (not 4). we have lots of talented pg and sg. coach tab, please consider this humble opinion – but this was an opinion shared by a well-known sports analyst who used the term “playing big”. for sure, height is still might in basketball. the management, MVP, SBP, if only to increase our chances of winning, pls consider this opinion. our only hope and best shot at winning is blatche and fajardo, coupled with de ocampo at 3 and talented pg/sg. let’s give it our best shot tomorrow against new zealand. just do it coach. there is no harm in trying. your “playing small” just does not work at all. we want to win the oqt and book a spot at rio olympics. let’s give it our best shot. pls coach, for the love of the game, for the love of my gilas team and for the love of my country. Go! GILAS PILIPINAS! LABAN LANG! GOD BLESS!

    • jier says:

      c’mon man. . .coach tab knows better!

    • Paul says:

      If you pair Fajardo with Blatche, after they both got out, then who are your substitute? Japeth and Rosario in? Then that would make our 2nd unit really weak. And aside from that, it’s not like Fajardo Blatche combo isn’t good. In fact, its good! But against France who uses versatile forwards? No, Fajardo is a great low post defender but can he catch up with the 6’7 -6’10 versatile forwards of France? He cant because he doesn’t have that speed. He is very slow. On the other hand, Gilas has Rosario that could defend the low post and can match the speed of France Forwards. Pingris and RDO that could also match the speed of their Forwards and can defend the low post too. Japeth has height and Speed but lack low post defense and maybe basketball IQ.
      I think tama lang na ibabad si Parks at Norwood sa 3 spot.
      Ang Fajardo Blatche combo, most effective to pag against Turkey. Pero for sure against New Zealand magagamit na yan. Hindi kasing versatile na Forwards ng France yung sa New Zealand e + BIGS din isa sa strength nila.

  2. jier says:

    he knows better than we do. we dont need to tell him who should be fielded and when.

  3. Boy Conti says:

    Perfect combination. To add more fire power, insert Chan in shooting guard plus Castro or Romeo at point. Thats height plus firepower. Very good chance of beating N. Zealand.

  4. Rocks says:

    The best performance from from an asian country, for all 3 FIBA OQT. Japan lost by 40 pts…Iran lost by 25…while us we lost by 9 pts only at the expense of the 5th best team in the world…I couldn’t ask for more. We showed the world what we Filipinos can do. I just hope that others appreciate what the team is doing and sacrificing…win or lose Gilas is our team…Believe in the system…Believe in our team…and that includes the coaching staff.

    • Racel says:

      Big yes to that kabayan! Very proud of GILAS PILIPINAS. For us who had been truly following our NATIONAL TEAM from the time when ‘this moment’ was just a dream, it’s really surreal.

  5. drverallo says:

    this blatche-fajardo combo tandem aptly describes that “it is better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all”. but it worked against senegal. and this present system “dribble-drive offense/”playing small” did not work at all. putting premium on speed may be applicable to NBA players who, though not so tall, have the skills more than that of a seven footer. but NBA players are not PBA players. thus, for gilas, it is safe to put premium on speed without compromising height (at least for 2 players – blatche and fajardo. thanks

  6. Asa Pa Tayo says:

    Panalo lang ang Puso, este, “NGUSO” ng PILIPINAS sa pagsigaw ng BOOOO.. BOOOO… Tsktsktsk
    Asan na nga pala si Chot “NGUSO” Reyes???

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