2011 Jones Cup Smart Gilas Schedule

New: Updated Smart Gilas Jones Cup Schedule

2011 William Jones Cup Invitational Tournament Schedule
August 6-14, 2011
Sinjhuang Stadium, New Taipei City

Philippines (Smart Gilas) Game Schedule

Philippines vs Jordan
August 6, 5pm

UAE vs Philippines
August 7, 3pm

Philippines vs Korea
August 9, 5pm

Philippines vs South Africa
August 10, 3pm

Japan vs Philippines
August 11, 3pm

Philippines vs Malaysia
August 12, 1pm

Philippines vs Taiwan
August 13, 7pm

Iran vs Philippines
August 14, 5pm

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4 Responses to 2011 Jones Cup Smart Gilas Schedule

  1. Jimmy says:

    Can I suggest? I would like to suggest to add Arwind Santos in the GILAS line-up..Santos can play defense in the number 4 position. His quickness can reliable against taller and quick off guard of Iran or Jordan. Also, he can shoot at the 3 point line, he can dribble the ball and can dunk. But, I believe he is very helpful in terms of defense..Hope you can consider this..

  2. dockre says:

    Are you kidding me? Arwin Santos is not that tall and he ain’t quick. I’d rather insist Junmar Fajardo instead coz he is 6’10” quick and not only that he’s a shooter too.

  3. khaiz says:

    It seems the game schedule here is wrong. The game between Phil and Iran happens yesterday.

  4. Allen says:

    South Africa already pulled out from the league. So the schedule would be:

    Philippines vs Iran
    August 6

    Chinese Taipei vs Philippines
    August 7

    Philippines vs Jordan
    August 8

    Philippines vs Malaysia
    August 9

    Korea vs Philippines
    August 10

    Philippines vs United Arab Emirates
    August 11

    Philippines vs Japan
    August 12

    Source: Philippines Daily Inquirer. http://sports.inquirer.net/10489/philippines-stuns-asian-champion-iran-smart-gilas-program-extended-to-two-more-years

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