2015 FIBA Asia Championship Full Schedule

2015 FIBA Asia Championship Schedule

Second Round Groups
Group E – Iran, Palestine, Philippines, Japan, India, Hong Kong
Group F – China, Qatar, Lebanon, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Jordan

Second Round – The results against the teams that had also qualified would carry over. The teams shall play the teams from the group they had not faced before. The top four teams from each group would proceed to the final round

Second Round Schedule
Sunday, September 27
Venue: CSWC Dayun
9:30am – Iran vs Hong Kong
11:45am – Palestine vs India
2:30pm – South Korea vs Lebanon
4:45pm – Japan vs Philippines
7:30pm – China vs Kazakhstan
9:30pm – Qatar vs Jordan
Venue: CSUFT
7:30pm – Malaysia vs Kuwait (Classification 13-16)
9:30pm – Singapore vs Chinese-Taipei (Classification 13-16)

Monday, September 28
Venue: CSWC Dayun
9:30am – India vs Hong Kong
11:45am – Philippines vs Iran
2:30pm – Palestine vs Japan
4:45pm – Qatar vs South Korea
7:30pm – Lebanon vs China
9:30pm – Jordan vs Kazakhstan
Venue: CSUFT
7:30pm – Malaysia vs Singapore (Classification 15-16)
9:30pm – Kuwait vs Chinese-Taipei (Classification 13-14)

Tuesday, September 29
Venue: CSWC Dayun
9:30am – Palestine vs Iran
11:45am – Japan vs Hong Kong
2:30pm – Philippines vs India
4:45pm – Lebanon vs Jordan
7:30pm – China vs Qatar
9:30pm – South Korea vs Kazakhstan

Final Round – The champion will qualify to the 2016 Summer Olympics. The runner-up, third and fourth placer will qualify to the Final Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

Final Round Schedule
Thursday, October 1 – Quarterfinals – TBA
Friday, October 2 – Semifinals – TBA
Saturday, October 3 – Finals – TBA

2015 FIBA Asia Championship Venues:
CSWC Dayun (Changsha Social Work College Gymnasium)
CSUFT (Central South University of Forestry and Technology Gymnasium)

Previous Schedules:
Preliminary Round Groups
Group A – Iran, Japan, Malaysia, India
Group B – Philippines, Palestine, Kuwait, Hong Kong
Group C – South Korea, Jordan, Singapore, China
Group D – Chinese-Taipei, Lebanon, Qatar, Kazakhstan

Preliminary Round – Each team will play all of the teams from its group once. The top three teams with the best record advance to the second round.

Preliminary Round Schedule
Wednesday, September 23
Venue: CSWC Dayun
9:30am – Kuwait vs Hong Kong
11:45am – Philippines vs Palestine
2:30pm – Iran vs Japan
4:45pm – South Korea vs Jordan
7:30pm – Singapore vs China
9:30pm – Chinese-Taipei vs Lebanon
Venue: CSUFT
7:30pm – Malaysia vs India
9:30pm – Qatar vs Kazakhstan

Thursday, September 24
Venue: CSWC Dayun
9:30am – Philippines vs Hong Kong
11:45am – Iran vs India
2:30pm – Japan vs Malaysia
4:45pm – Chinese-Taipei vs Kazakhstan
7:30pm – South Korea vs China
9:30pm – Lebanon vs Qatar
Venue: CSUFT
7:30pm – Palestine vs Kuwait
9:30pm – Jordan vs Singapore

Friday, September 25
Venue: CSWC Dayun
9:30am – Malaysia vs Iran
11:45am – Singapore vs South Korea
2:30pm – India vs Japan
4:45pm – Kuwait vs Philippines
7:30pm – China vs Jordan
9:30pm – Qatar vs Chinese-Taipei
Venue: CSUFT
7:30pm – Hong Kong vs Palestine
9:30pm – Kazakhstan vs Lebanon

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  1. Roy Lozano says:

    Let Us support our very own Gilas;

    Gilas Gilas Gilas;

  2. Karl Dagami says:

    Go Gilas! Laban Pilipinas Tiwala lang at pusong pinoy!

  3. Anthony niel capanas says:

    Huwag magtiwala full court press agad, mabilis tayo sa kanal,laban gilas pilipinas, hangang mayginhawa???

  4. drin says:

    Kaya ng Gilas yan….prob lng minsan ng kokompyansa agad…katulad ng laro nila sa PALESTINE..kitang kta nmn kaya kaso …nagkanya knya ehh

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