2017 Jones Cup Full Schedule

Gilas Pilipinas will play in the 2017 William Jones Cup from July 13-23, 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan.

2017 Jones Cup Schedule

2017 Jones Cup Full Schedule
Saturday, July 15
11am – Iraq vs India
1pm – South Korea vs. Chinese-Taipei White
3pm – Canada vs. Philippines
5pm – Iran vs. Lithuania
7:30pm – Chinese-Taipei Blue vs. Japan

Sunday, July 16
11am – India vs. South Korea
1pm – Japan vs. Iraq
3pm – Lithuania vs. Canada
5pm – Chinese-Taipei White vs. Iran
7pm – Philippines vs. Chinese-Taipei Blue

Monday, July 17
11am – Lithuania vs. Japan
1pm – Iraq vs. Canada
3pm – Philippines vs. Chinese-Taipei White
5pm – Iran vs. South Korea
7pm – Chinese-Taipei Blue vs. India

Tuesday, July 18
11am – Chinese-Taipei White vs. Iraq
1pm – Japan vs. Philippines
3pm – India vs. Iran
5pm – South Korea vs. Lithuania
7pm – Canada vs. Chinese-Taipei Blue

Wednesday, July 19
11am – Lithuania vs. India
1pm – Chinese-Taipei White vs. Japan
3pm – Iran vs. Canada
5pm – Philippines vs. South Korea
7pm – Chinese-Taipei Blue vs. Iraq

Thursday, July 20
11am – Japan vs. Iran
1pm – South Korea vs. Canada
3pm – Iraq vs. Philippines
5pm – India vs. Chinese-Taipei White
7pm – Lithuania vs. Chinese-Taipei Blue

Friday, July 21
11am – Canada vs. India
1pm – South Korea vs. Japan
3pm – Philippines vs. Lithuania
5pm – Iran vs. Iraq
7pm – Chinese-Taipei Blue vs. Chinese-Taipei White

Saturday, July 22
11am – Japan vs. Canada
1pm – India vs. Philippines
3pm – Chinese-Taipei White vs. Lithuania
5pm – Iraq vs. South Korea
7pm – Iran vs. Chinese-Taipei Blue

Sunday, July 23
11am – Lithuania vs. Iraq
1pm – Canada vs. Chinese-Taipei White
3pm – India vs. Japan
5pm – Philippines vs. Iran
7pm – Chinese-Taipei Blue vs. South Korea

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  1. Eunice P. Tajale says:

    im so proud of my idol @RRPOGOY!!

  2. Jemima says:

    Ganbatte Japan!

  3. your boss duffy says:

    Where the stadium Exact adress please

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