FIBA World Cup Round of 16 Schedule

2014 FIBA World Cup Rounf of 16 Schedule

2014 FIBA World Cup Round of 16 Game Schedule

Round of 16 Day 1 (September 6, 2014)
16:00 – USA vs Mexico

18:00 – France vs Croatia

20:00 – Dominican Republic vs Slovenia

22:00 – Spain vs Senegal

Round of 16 Day 2 (September 7, 2014)
16:00 – New Zealand vs Lithuania

18:00 – Serbia vs Greece

20:00 – Turkey vs Australia

22:00 – Brazil vs Argentina

Which teams do you think will win in the Round of 16?

* Winners will advance to the FIBA World Cup Quarterfinals on September 9 and 10, 2014.

12 Responses to FIBA World Cup Round of 16 Schedule

  1. rosana says:

    sana sa susunod nila na laban sa ASIAN FIBA cup bigyan na ng chance c junmar pajardo na makalaro ng matagal sa court at mapalalonan nila ang gold sa ASIA FIba cup.

  2. John Navarro says:

    Agree with you guys! Being speedy is a thing of beauty. But we need more than just speed to win games. We need size and strength as well. Just like what the commentator of the Gilas games said, I think we should have used JunMar more often together with Andre Blatche. We have an excess of small guys on the team who can play the point-Alapag, Castro, Tenorio, Lee. Even Norwood can play the point. Gary David is also undersized at 2 or 3. I think it is safe to say that Chot Reyes has probably no intent at all of playing big because of the line-up he chose. They should have done more to convince Slaughter. And hey, Asi is the comeback player awardee in the PBA. He still can play in Gilas. He is like the bigger version of a tough and courageous Mark Pingris. I would have picked Slaughter and Asi (or Beau Belga who is a reserve of the team) over Gary David and LA Tenorio. That’s not to say these two aren’t good enough. Tenerio has proven that. But this is not the PBA. It’s the FIBA World Cup. And teams here have both size and strength to go with their skills.

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