2016 FIBA 3×3 All Stars Livestreaming

2016 FIBA 3×3 All Stars on November 18, 2016 in Doha, Qatar.

Watch 2016 FIBA 3×3 All Stars Livestreaming

Livestream by FIBA3x3

2016 FIBA 3×3 All Stars Schedule (Doha Time GMT+3)
4:45pm Shoot-Out Qualification
5:00pm Quarter-Finals 4: McGill U vs. Ljubljana
5:25pm Quarter-Finals 3: Saskatoon vs. NY Harlem NBA
6:00pm Quarter-Finals 2: Doha vs. Hamamatsu
6:25pm Quarter-Finals 1: Novi Sad AlWahda vs. Manila (11:25pm Manila Time)

View Team PH Roster for FIBA 3×3 All-Stars

7:00pm Semi-Final 2: Winner of QF 3 vs. Winner of QF 4
7:35pm Semi-Final 1: Winner of QF 1 vs. Winner of QF 2

8:00pm Shoot-Out Final & Prize Ceremony
8:10pm Public Shoot-Out with PHI

8:20pm Final 1: Winner of SF 1 vs. Winner of SF 2

8:50pm Prize ceremony

9:00pm QAT U18 World Champs vs. PHI Team

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