Gilas Pilipinas vs Iraq FIBA Asia Cup Livestreaming

Gilas Pilipinas vs Iraq in the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup on August 11, 9pm in Beirut, Lebanon.

Watch Gilas Pilipinas vs Iraq FIBA Asia Cup Livestreaming

Livestream by Sports5

Game will also be shown Live on TV5, Aksyon TV and at for Philippine viewers only!

For FIBA Asia Cup 2017 Livestream available worldwide with no restrictions, please read: FIBA Asia Cup 2017 Official Livestream

Good luck Gilas Pilipinas! Beat Iraq!

5 Responses to Gilas Pilipinas vs Iraq FIBA Asia Cup Livestreaming

  1. Rolando M. Miranda says:

    go gilas…

  2. elmer manzano says:

    Why no live game or reply of full game of gilas and china

  3. lolo says:

    kulang sa attack at assist

  4. antoniohernandez says:

    I would like to express my appreciation for that piece of action where Gilas player Calvin Abueva headbutted a bully Chinese player….a rare scene indeed where China the bully was seen falling like a log after taking a blow from little David the Philippines….i salute you Calvin for showing that we got what it takes to put China down…After all these torments our country is getting from China; your action is a sense of relief and elation! you are a hero!

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