Alapag In, Castro Out of Asian Games Line-up

Jimmy Alapag

Jimmy Alapag has agreed to extend his National Team participation as he is set to replace the injured Jayson Castro in the Gilas Pilipinas Roster for the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon.

Jimmy Alapag posted this message on his twitter account (@JAlapag3)

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  1. Benjie says:

    i have no problem with that..With Jimmy’s performance in the FIBA World Cup we will not feel the loss of Jayson Castro that much…With Andray out I think Junmar will be able to show his full potential..I have Coach will play Marcus and Junmar at the same time so either one of them can score while the other controls the rebound and they can do it in turns. Jimmy,Paul Lee and Jeff Chan will take care of the outside, Gabe and Jared will take care of slashing inside and defense on opponent guards. With Jimmy’s leadership possibilities are endless.. And this will also be the best opportunity for Jimmy’s replacement in the Gilas team to see him perform in an international tournament for the last time.. We have a big chance at that gold with this lineup!

  2. ALEJO says:

    idol la,jimmy and lee tama na sila.kaya na nila.kasi kayo hindi updated sa kanila.kaya hindi ninyo alam.magcomment kayo late na.pwede ba.facebook at twitter nila.punta kayo doon.para alam ninyo ang latest.16 countries maglalaban.iran and pilipinas.maglalaban kaagad.kasi nga sabi ko kay idol.kayang kaya mo pa ang incheon.kasi sabi ko.kita ko ang galaw mo sa world cup.pagkatapos ng incheon,baka.baka lang ha not yet sure.kasi pagkatapos ng incheon makikita na ni idol kung pwede na silang iwan.kasi kulang sila ng mga giyera na sila.kamikaze

  3. Ian Mariano says:

    I think Jimmy Alapag had proven to be consistent and stable. I like Jayson Castro as a player, but somehow in the recently concluded he showed some indecisiveness and mental lapse. Do not hate me for saying those comments and let me put some concrete observation. One during the Croatia game, score was at 71 all, when he decided to use the clock and then tried to shake off the defender but then pass the ball to Jeff for a 3 point shot. We do not need a low percentage shot. Castro should have drive hard to the basket like he usually showed us. It could have been a winner. Second instance, game against Argentina, he jumped put the ball down and was called for travelling violation. He could have taken the shot and be blocked or fouled rather than be called for travelling violation. Or could have passed the ball to open team mate on his right side. These are mental lapses actually. But he is a good player.

  4. Emman Padilla says:

    buti na lang mag lalaro ka ulit!

  5. jet says:

    kahit sino basta laban pinas..i believe…

  6. rusty says:

    ipasok nila sana si mvp king james yap
    at si pj simon

  7. ftrson says:

    ok yan kung di sana makapaglaro yung dalawang,naturalized pilipino natin sana si gregzilla at c james yap ,maipasok sa team pinas grabe anlakas din nyan..

  8. placerosronald says:

    ang galing nyogilas pilipinas

  9. John says:

    We need Gary David’s EL GRANADA and Jeff Chan this time. and, not to much dribbling. Maximize reliable shooters and rebounders. Paul Lee should play as point guard only. one PG at a time (our PG’s are superb), two shooters and rebounders. avoid using 3 guards as primary offense.

  10. miguel g. martin says:

    All in can add is the power of prayer can do anything @ the incoming 17th Asian basketball games inincheon , korea. The Almighty God will help us. Amen. Go Gilas Pilipinas go, ipakita ang tunay niyong gilalas sa mga katunggali sa larong basketbol…puso to the maks.

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