Gilas Pilipinas Pre-World Cup Tune-up Games Schedule

Gilas Pilipinas

Gilas Pilipinas will have a couple of tune-up games in Spain and France before the start of the 2014 FIBA World Cup which starts on August 30.

Gilas Pilipinas Tune-up Schedule
August 10 – Gilas Pilipinas vs Selection from Liga ACB (Pro League in Spain-Vittoria, Spain)
(Delayed Telecast August 11, 8pm / Replay on August 12, 2pm)

August 15 – Gilas Pilipinas vs France (Antibes, France)
(8:30pm-France Time/2:30am(Aug16)-Philippine Time)
(Delayed Telecast August 16, 5pm / Replay on August 17, 10:30pm)

August 16 – Gilas Pilipinas vs Australia (Antibes, France)
(6pm-France Time/12mn-Philippine Time)
(Delayed Telecast August 17, 4pm / Replay on August 18, 10:30pm)

August 17 – Gilas Pilipinas vs Ukraine (Antibes, France)
(6pm-France Time/12mn-Philippine Time)
(Delayed Telecast August 18, 8pm / Replay on August 19, 10:30pm)

August 19 – Gilas Pilipinas vs Euskadi-Basque National Team (San Sebastian, Spain)
(Delayed Telecast August 20, 8pm / Replay on August 21, 10:30pm)

August 21 – Gilas Pilipinas vs Angola (San Sebastian, Spain)
(Delayed Telecast August 22, 8pm / Replay on August 23, 10:30pm)

August 23 – Gilas Pilipinas vs Mexico (Vittoria, Spain)

August 24 – Gilas Pilipinas vs Egypt (Guadalajara, Spain)
(5pm-Spain Time/11pm-Philippine Time)
(Delayed Telecast August 25, 8pm / Replay on August 25, 10:30pm)

August 25 – Gilas Pilipinas vs Dominican Republic (Guadalajara, Spain)
(5pm-Spain Time/11pm-Philippine Time)
(Delayed Telecast August 26, 8pm / Replay on August 26, 10:30pm)

* Games will be shown on TV5/AksyonTV (Replay)

* Games are subject to change

Then August 30 start of the 2014 FIBA World Cup. View Gilas Pilipinas Schedule at

43 Responses to Gilas Pilipinas Pre-World Cup Tune-up Games Schedule

  1. ds adriatico says:

    Coach chot knows wat hes doin,lyk wat he did ng fiba asia..he created a team n capable of wining over the koreans,at hnd ung tatalo s iran..dhil ang goal mkpsok s fiba world..which he actualy did!!so dis tym i know yan din ang ssbkan nia,to get atlis 1win..s top team and to beat senegal.not imposible to do…so go gilas!!PUSO

  2. Los Angeles says:

    They can’t continue playing the pace of other teams that are taller. Meaning to say Gilas team needs a transition, from trying to attemp to many treys to playing in a fast pace because tall people would have difficulty on catching them plus they would wear them out. And then play a very good D I would say press for a 3 pointer teams and zone for a non 3pointer teams. They just need to play harder as individual too that would help too space out the court especially when they end up playing in a half court setting. I hope they do good in the first game I think against Croatia or Argentina.

  3. THE HEAT HATERS even with LEBRON says:

    Hindi Mananalo kung PUSO lang ang gagamitin sa kalaban na gamit ay GALING AT TANGKAD. kailangan talaga dito ay si coach kung paano nya irotate ang players at magkaroon ng tamang set play. hindi sa mga nakaraang laro, si Blatche ay nag popoint guard at tira pa ng tira sa tres samantalang napakababa ng percentage nya sa tres. Sana mapansin to ni chot reyes kasi dapat talaga sa loob nagtatrabaho si Blatche at hayaan yong mga point guards natin na gawin ang trabaho nila. Wag sanang isipin na kay BLATCHE lang tayo umaasa kasi hindi, kinuha lang natin siya kasi malaki siya at yong depensa at rebound ang kailangan natin sa kanya dahil sa puntos, yong mga players natin ay kayang umiskor.

  4. Dante masongsong says:

    I Pledge my support to Gilas Pilipinas. Puso ang kailan gran upang mango babas sa mga kalabang Banda. Good luck!

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