Gilas Pilipinas – Silver Medal in the 2015 FIBA Asia

Gilas Pilipinas - Silver Medal in the 2015 FIBA Asia

Gilas Pilipinas will go home with a Silver Medal in the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship, they also qualified for the 2016 FIBA Olympic Qualifiers along with Iran and Japan.

Philippines only lost 2 games, their 1st game against Palestine and against China in the Finals.

Still proud of Gilas Pilipinas! 2nd straight Silver Medal.

Salamat Gilas Pilipinas!

12 Responses to Gilas Pilipinas – Silver Medal in the 2015 FIBA Asia

  1. fred says:

    30 years na tayong naghihitay ng GOLD, WE NEED AND WE WANT GOLD FOR OUR COUNTRY.

  2. Romcel Basquinas says:

    ok lng na silver ang nakuha ng GILAS at least lumaban cla GO GO GO GILAS……….

  3. Anthony Pereda says:

    We proud of you GILAS 3.0 IN OUR HEARTH you achieve the gold………

  4. Pilipino #1 says:

    Thank you to Gilas Pilipinas 3.0 for putting up a brave fight and not backing down from a stronger and bigger opponent.

  5. jan from palawan says:

    congrats gilas pilipinas good job next time me lesson tayo mapulot next time chmaption na tayo gilas pilipinas puso!!!!!!! more outside shooting and block and steal the ball we need atleast 4 bigmen 6’7 to 7″0

  6. BSMX from CEBU says:

    Malalakas talga ang mga pinoy , Okay lng yan bawe tayu sa susunod 🙂 Ang mhalaga nka silver tayu.

  7. cody says:

    Blatche 6’11″C
    Fajardo 6’11″C
    Aguilar 6’10″PF
    Almazan 6’9″PF
    Paras 6’7″sf
    Norwood 6’6″sf
    Clarkson 6’5″sg/sf
    Park 6’4″sg
    Lassiter 6’3″sg
    Lee 6’1 ” pg
    Romeo 6’0″PG
    Castro 5’11″PG

  8. Mas Mananalo tayo kµng may pagkakaisa at mas close ang tEAM nila, puro sila withdraw-deposit ehhhh.

  9. dr csar m bagundol says:

    pls add this player in our gilas team clarkson LA LAKERS and STEPHEN HOLT he is PHIL-AM a very good player an import from usa who played now in NBL AUSTRALIA melbourne united team always top scorer.if we allow them to play then probably we can beat chinese team.

  10. JEBS says:

    For 2019 World Cup, we should add AJ Edu (Fil-Nigerian), who is 16 yo right now at 6’9″, he will be 19 yo and should be around 7 ft tall. We could also tap on Ethan Kirkness who is 6’8″ at 14 yo, he is a Fil-Australian. Both players will play for the U16 Batang Gilas last time I heard. My dream team would therefore be:

    – Blatche 6’11” PF
    – Clarkson 6’5″ SG
    – Paras 6’6″ SF (possibly 6’8″ by 2019)
    – Castro 5’11” PG
    – Fajardo 6’11” C
    – Aguilar 6’9″ PF
    – Slaugther 7’1″ C
    – Norwood 6’6″ SF
    – Romeo 6’0″ PG
    – Lassiter 6’2″ SG
    – Parks 6’4″ SF/SG
    – AJ Edu 6’9″ C (might be 7′ and over by 2019)

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