Hamed Haddadi as KIA import?

Hamed Haddadi

KIA Sorento coached by Manny Pacquiao is eyeing Hamed Haddadi as import in the 2015 PBA Commissioners Cup. KIA and Blackwater who placed last in the PBA Philippine Cup will be allowed to get an import with unlimited height in the next conference.

Hamed Haddadi Profile
Birth Date: May 19, 1985 (29 years old)
Nationality: Iranian
Height: 7’2
Weight: 265lbs
Played Professional Basketball in Iran, UAE, USA (NBA and D-League) and now in China.

Good move by KIA?

One Response to Hamed Haddadi as KIA import?

  1. makisig says:

    nice job kia.. kisig pilipinas will able to learn how to challenge hamed haddadi in the court for olympic qualifying games.. astig

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