Jordan Clarkson for Gilas Pilipinas?

Jordan Clarkson and Manny V Pangilinan

Jordan Clarkson wearing a Team Pilipinas Jacket during the meeting with Manny V Pangilinan as posted by Chot Reyes (@coachot)

Sorry, but no, Jordan Clarkson will not be playing for Gilas Pilipinas soon.

There are only 2 ways in which Jordan Clarkson maybe able to play for Gilas Pilipinas in the future:
1. Have him naturalized just like Marcus Douthit and Andray Blatche, the problem with this is he will take the slot of either Douthit or Blatche since only 1 naturalized player can play in each FIBA Tournament and naturalization will take a long time since a law has to be passed in Congress, Senate and signed by the President.

2. If FIBA changes their eligibility rule that foreign-born players like Jordan Clarkson must choose citizenship before the age of 16. Although this is unlikely to happen in the near future, we hope FIBA might make an exception in some cases where it is easy to prove that one parent is Filipino.

Assuming he is given the green light by FIBA, the next problem is, will the LA Lakers allow him to play for Gilas Pilipinas?

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