One final appeal for Andray Blatche

Marcus Douthit and Andray Blatche

According to reports, the Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee or IAGOC will still not allow Andray Blatche to play in the 2014 Asian Games even with the help of FIBA.

The IAGOC will strictly enforce the OCA (Olympic Council of Asia) rule stating that naturalized players should have at least 3 years residency.

THE Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) will make a final appeal this week as they have a meeting in Incheon with the organizers. If the appeal is not successful, SBP will make a request for Marcus Douthit to replace Blatche in the line-up.

Aside from Andray Blatche, the OCA rule has also barred Quincy Davis of Chinese-Taipei and Aaron Haynes of South Korea from playing in the Asian Games.

7 Responses to One final appeal for Andray Blatche

  1. alexander says:


  2. Datu ITIM says:

    When we won over Senegal, a foreign correspondent commented “Justice!”. Now we are faced with this INJUSTICE from Korea and the Asian bully China. Not worth participating at all in the Asian Games without any sense of fairness and the rule of law. Let us not send our gallant Gilas Pilipinas, let us BOYCOTT this Incheon games!

  3. mike jordan says:

    Douthit can dominate the Asian games..just add slaughter to the line up, then we’ll be good against the towers of Iran..will lassiter play also?

  4. Bernard/Guia Platero says:

    Dapat ireactivate si Taulava para ka-tandem ni Alapag. Silang dalawa ang perennial Batman & Robin reinforcements ng national team. Sayang nga lang at namamahinga na ang ating traditional big boys…sina BALINGIT, BOLADO & POLISTICO. Ang lakas sanang panabla sa mga Dagul ng Asia.

  5. Yuri sonovavic says:

    Boycotting the asian games is not the answer. The fact that south korea and chinese taipei were also not allowed to field their naturalized players due to the same technicality means that it is fair that we also abide with the rules. If douthit is allowed to replace blatche, then lets be thankful. If not, then lets play all filipino. We should not let people from other countries fight our battles for us. If we don’t win the championship with an all filipino line up, then so be it. At least i am sure that our boys will give their best and will put up a good fight. Boycotting the games will just show the world how insecure our team is without blatche. We’ll just throw away all the respect that our team earned from the other basketball giants in the last fiba world cup if we boycott the asian games. Lets just put politics aside and be real sportsmen.

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