Philippines moves to No. 31 in FIBA Rankings

Updated FIBA Rankings

Philippines moved from No. 34 to No. 31 in the FIBA Rankings after the 2014 FIBA World Cup. USA, Spain, Argentina and Lithuania remained at No. 1-4. Iran moved 3 places from No. 20 to No. 17 while South Korea moved from 31 to 27.

Biggest leap was Senegal which is now No. 30 from 41. View Updated FIBA Rankings

Congratulations Philippines!

Read more about the FIBA Ranking System
1. Event selection and weight
FIBA World Championships = 5
Olympic Basketball Tournaments = 5
FIBA Africa Championships = 0.2
FIBA Americas Championships = 0.8
FIBA Asia Championships = 0.3
Eurobasket Championships = 1
FIBA Oceania Championships = 0.1

2. Competition Ranking Scoring System
Gold = 50
Silver = 40
Bronze = 30
4 = 15
5 = 14
6 = 13
7 = 12
8 = 11
9 = 10
10 = 9
11 = 8
12 = 7
13 = 6
14 = 5
15 = 4
16 = 3
17 = 2
18 etc… = 1

3. Cycle
The ranking is calculated within the scope of a 2 Olympic Games cycle (including qualifying competitions at FIBA Zone level). Here are the number of competitions that are taken into account:

2 FIBA World Championships
2 Olympic Basketball Tournaments
4 FIBA Africa Championships
4 FIBA Americas Championships
4 FIBA Asia Championships
4 Eurobasket Championships
4 FIBA Oceania Championships

Whenever a new championship is played the oldest championship of that category drops out. The FIBA Ranking is then recalculated.


10 Responses to Philippines moves to No. 31 in FIBA Rankings

  1. ramos victorio says:

    kool maybe in top 20

  2. jerry m. de villa says:

    salamat na rank din tau ng 31st

  3. phil says:

    Korea won nothing and beaten with large margin in all of their games in the world cup while Philippines won one and all of their losses were very close games and yet Korea are still ranked higher than Philippines.Korea was 3rd in the Fiba Asia and did not participate in the Fiba Asia Cup while Philippines was the silver medalist in the Fiba Asia and finished 3rd in the Fiba Asia Cup.How Fiba ranking works and I don’t understand.

    • PH says:

      may stint din po kasi yung U-17 nila sa Fiba worlds which placed higher than our team, pati ata yung last Fiba-Asia U-18 kasama na din sa rating
      and to compare it is only a point lang ang lamang nila sa atin
      PH +3
      Kor +4

    • cookies says:

      Fiba Asia cup is not included in the ranking computation. only Regional Championship, Olympics, and World cups.

    • agent james says:

      well the points you incur in Fiba ranking will depend on how many Fiba world cup championships you’ve participated, the medals you’ve won, like Fiba Asia, the number of teams you won against. So, its not just qualfying but make sure you win and get medals. Thats how tough it is. Let me ask you again, when was the last time we’re there in Fiba world cup? thats 36 years ago.

    • Reygen Oraiz says:

      ONE POINT is given to teams that placed 18th to 24th and multiply it by FIVE as a weight of this tournament so they got the same points given that they belong those rankings.

    • Jay says:

      yeah ur right

  4. Ron says:

    congratulations Gilas! sana next time makalaro si Jordan Clarkson ng Los Angeles Lakers. He is a Fil-Am player. Sana tuloy-tuloy na pagtaas ng rank natin sa FIBA!

  5. johnny custodio says:

    Fiba ranking is just a pc. of shit. we should be ahead of korea and senegal.Our games a much better than them.When they lose alltheir games was a lopsided one. but our loses are all very close thats should matter on the ranking to hell with FIBA, bull shit

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