Salamat Marcus Douthit

Marcus Douthit

Marcus Douthit contract will end on September 2015 and SBP will not renew his contract. Thank you Marcus Douthit for fighting for the Philippines and for all your sacrifices for the Country.

Douthit has been with the Gilas program since 2010 and served as our Naturalized player for many tournaments including the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship where we finished 2nd place. Moala Tautuaa is being considered to be the next naturalized player for future FIBA tournaments. Read more at Moala Tautuaa as Gilas Naturalized Player?

Read tweet by Marcut Douthit

2 Responses to Salamat Marcus Douthit

  1. Erwin M.Senorin says:

    What then after this we can do for him … being a Filipino?Any chance for him to work for us? I hope so after all he sacrificed for us.

  2. zane john red dimpas says:

    maraming,maraming salamat sau kua loob ng 5years mong paglalaro o pagpriprisinta ng pilipinas sa international games.andito kna sa puso nming mga pilipino,mahal kna nming mga pinoy.LABAN PILIPINAS PUSO.

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