Justin Melton


Full Name: Justin Melton
Birth Date: 1986 (Born in Philippines)
Height: 5’11
Position: Point Guard
College: Mount Olive College (Visual Communication Degree)
High School: Tabb High School, Yorktown, VA
Professional: Played in Brazil in 2009
Notable Awards:
Led Brazil Team (Artur Nogueira) to its first championship
Mount Olive Defensive Player of the Year in 2009

With Father, Donnie Melton and Mother, Cecilia Fortes

Listed only as 5’10 but can dunk the ball, watch this Justin Melton Video:


3 Responses to Justin Melton

  1. Cecilia Melton says:

    Good Luck Son. Proud of you. Game on!!!!!

  2. Dennis Cook says:

    Congratulations Justin. So enjoyed seeing you play when you were at Tabb. We here in York County VA are proud of you. Hoping to see you play again.

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