Who is Paul John Dalistan?

Paul Lee Gilas Pilipinas

Paul Lee is Paul John Dalistan, that is his full name in his birth certificate and passport that is why that is the name FIBA recognizes.

His mothers maiden last name is Dalistan and when Paul was born, his mother and father were not yet married, thus Paul John Dalistan was indicated in his birth certificate. His parents were married more than a year after Paul Lee was born but his birth certificate records were not changed.

He uses Paul John Lee in all his other records like in the UAAP and the PBA. The case of Jayson William using Jayson Castro is similar but his parents were divorced that is why he is using Jayson Castro in the PBA. Read Who is Jayson William?

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    boom panes!

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    Mas bagay mas maangas

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    ang galing mo talaga PAUL LEE………#lethal weapon…# ANGAS ng TONDO

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