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FIBA Asia Championship Standings

2011 FIBA Asia Championship
Wuhan, China

1st place – China (9-0) (Slot in 2012 London Olympics)
2nd place – Jordan (5-4) (Slot in 2012 FIBA Olympic Qualifiers)
3rd place – Korea (7-2) (Slot in 2012 FIBA Olympic Qualifiers)
4th place – Philippines (6-3)
5th place – Iran (8-1)
6th place – Lebanon (4-5)
7th place – Japan (5-4)
8th place – Chinese-Taipei (4-5)
9th place – Syria (4-4)
10th place – United Arab Emirates (2-6)
11th place – Malaysia (3-5)
12th place – Uzbekistan (1-7)
13th place – Indonesia (2-3)
14th place – India (1-4)
15th place – Bahrain (1-4)
16th place – Qatar (0-5)

Thank you Smart Gilas Pilipinas!

Smart Gilas vs Syria Game Replay Video

2011 FIBA Asia Championship
Philippines vs Syria Replay Video

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

* thanks to churenz of youtube

FIBA Asia Championship Smart Gilas Quarterfinals Schedule

2011 FIBA Asia Championship Quarterfinals Schedule
Wuhan, China

Quarterfinals – Friday, September 23, 2011
Iran vs Jordan – 1:30pm
Japan vs Korea – 3:30pm
Chinese-Taipei vs Philippines – 6pm
China vs Lebanon – 8pm

Semifinals – Saturday, September 24, 2011
Winner of (Iran vs Jordan) vs Winner of (Chinese-Taipei vs Philippines)
Winner of (Japan vs Korea) vs Winner of (China vs Lebanon)

Finals – Sunday, September 25, 2011

-All games starting the quarterfinals are knockout games
-2nd and 3rd placed teams in the FIBA Asia Championship will qualify in the FIBA Olympic Qualifiers and will play against other teams who qualified from around the world
-Winner of FIBA Asia Championship will be given an automatic slot to the 2012 London Olympics

Smart Gilas FIBA Asia Championship Photos

Smart Gilas Pilipinas
Smart Gilas Pilipinas Players and Coaching Staff

Philippines vs UAE
Philippines vs UAE Pictures
More pictures at http://wuhan2011.fibaasia.net/FIBA_Asia_AlbumPhotos.aspx?alb=100&pIDX=0

Philippines vs China
Philippines vs China Pictures
More pictures at http://wuhan2011.fibaasia.net/FIBA_Asia_AlbumPhotos.aspx?alb=107&pIDX=0

Philippines vs Bahrain
Philippines vs Bahrain Pictures
More pictures at http://wuhan2011.fibaasia.net/FIBA_Asia_AlbumPhotos.aspx?alb=109&pIDX=0

* All pictures are from The official FIBA Asia Championship website at http://wuhan2011.fibaasia.net

Smart Gilas vs Qatar Game Cancelled

The Smart Gilas Pilipinas vs Qatar National Team which was scheduled tonight at 7pm at San Juan Arena was cancelled due to injuries of some Qatar players.

The team will leave on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 for Wuhan, China and the 2011 FIBA Asia Championship will start on September 15.

Good luck Smart Gilas!

Next Smart Gilas Team?

Marcus Douthit
Marcus Douthit

After the 2011 FIBA Asia Championship in Wuhan, China which will be held in September 15-25, 2011 (2012 London Olympics Qualifier), the core of the Smart Gilas National Basketball Team will have a revamp since most players have applied for the PBA Rookie Draft and will surely be top picks.

The Smart Gilas program has been extended until the 2013 FIBA-Asia Championship which the top three teams will qualify for the 2014 FIBA World Championship.

Chris Tiu

Marcus Douthit and Chris Tiu will lead the new Smart Gilas Team along with Greg Slaughter and Aldrech Ramos. Other names have popped up on the list of Smart Gilas players like Kiefer Ravena, Bobby Ray Parks and more collegiate players.

Who do you think should be included in the next Smart Gilas Team?