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Updated Smart Gilas Jones Cup Schedule

2011 William Jones Cup Invitational Tournament Schedule
August 6-14, 2011
Sinjhuang Stadium, New Taipei City

With the recent pull-out of South Africa, here’s the updated strong>Philippines (Smart Gilas) Game Schedule (Games are televised by InterAKTV on channel 13)

Philippines vs Iran
Saturday, August 6, 5pm

Philippines vs Chinese-Taipei
Sunday, August 7, 7pm

Philippines vs Jordan
Monday, August 8, 3pm (Televised at 5pm)

Philippines vs Malaysia
Tuesday, August 9, 3pm (Televised at 5pm)

Philippines vs South Korea
Wednesday, August 10, 5pm

Philippines vs United Arab Emirates
Thursday, August 11, 3pm (Televised at 5pm)

Philippines vs Japan
Friday, August 12, 5pm

Saturday, August 13

Sunday, August 14