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2013 FIBA Asia Championship Semifinals Results


27th FIBA Asia Championship Semifinals Results

August 10 Game Results
– Iran defeats Chinese-Taipei, 79-60
– Philippines defeats Korea, 86-79

Other Results:
Battle for 11th Place
— India defeats Bahrain, 75-65 (India 11th place, Bahrain 12th place)

Battle for 9th Place
— Japan defeats Hong Kong, 79-50 (Japan 9th place, Hong Kong 10th place)

Classification Matches
— China defeats Jordan, 79-76
— Qatar defeats Kazakhstan, 72-67

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Highlights of the Day
– Close game between China and Jordan led by Wang Zhizhi with 33 points
– Philippines finally defeats South Korea and is going to Spain in 2014
– Iran defeats Chinese-Taipei and is still the only team undefeated in this tournament

Top 5 Scorers for the day
1 – Wang Zhizhi – 33 points (China)
2 – Kim Mingoo – 27 points (Korea)