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Smart Gilas FIBA Asia Championship Photos

Smart Gilas Pilipinas
Smart Gilas Pilipinas Players and Coaching Staff

Philippines vs UAE
Philippines vs UAE Pictures
More pictures at http://wuhan2011.fibaasia.net/FIBA_Asia_AlbumPhotos.aspx?alb=100&pIDX=0

Philippines vs China
Philippines vs China Pictures
More pictures at http://wuhan2011.fibaasia.net/FIBA_Asia_AlbumPhotos.aspx?alb=107&pIDX=0

Philippines vs Bahrain
Philippines vs Bahrain Pictures
More pictures at http://wuhan2011.fibaasia.net/FIBA_Asia_AlbumPhotos.aspx?alb=109&pIDX=0

* All pictures are from The official FIBA Asia Championship website at http://wuhan2011.fibaasia.net