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FIBA Asia Championship Recap

2011 FIBA Asia Championship Recap
Wuhan, China

2nd Round Results

Philippines defeats Syria, 75-52
Top Scorer: Marcus Douthit – 20 points
Read Game Highlights: Another come from behind win by Smart Gilas

Philippines defeats Japan, 83-76
Top Scorer: Marcus Douthit – 25 points
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Philippines defeats Jordan, 72-64
Top Scorer: Marcus Douthit – 19 points
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1st Round Results

Philippines defeats Bahrain, 113-71
Top Scorer: Japeth Aguilar – 21 points
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China defeats Philippines, 75-60
Top Scorer: Marcus Douthit – 17 points
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Philippines defeats UAE, 92-52
Top Scorer: Mac Baracael – 15 points
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Smart Gilas FIBA Asia 1st Round Statistics

2011 FIBA Asia Championship
Wuhan, China

Smart Gilas Pilipinas 1st Round Statistics
Current Standing: 2 wins and 1 loss

Smart Gilas Game Results:
Game 1: Philippines defeats UAE by 40 – Recap: Philippines defeats UAE
Game 2: China defeats Philippines by 15 – Recap: China defeats Philippines
Game 3: Philippines defeats Bahrain by 42 – Recap: Philippines defeats Bahrain

Smart Gilas Player Statistics
Points Per Game

1 – Marcus Douthit: 16 ppg
2 – JV Casio/Chris Tiu: 10.3 ppg
3 – Mac Baracael: 10 ppg
4 – Japeth Aguilar: 9.6 ppg
5 – Asi Taulava: 9.3 ppg

Rebounds Per Game
1 – Marcus Douthit: 9 rpg
2 – Asi Taulava: 7.3 rpg
3 – Mac Baracael: 5 rpg
4 – Kelly Williams/Japeth Aguilar: 4.6 rpg
5 – Ranidel de Ocampo: 3.5 rpg

Assists Per Game
1 – JV Casio: 4.6 apg
2 – Mark Barroca: 4.3 apg
3 – Chris Tiu/Ranidel de Ocampo: 2.6 apg
4 – Jimmy Alapag: 2.3 apg
5 – Mac Baracael: 2 apg

Steals Per Game
1 – Mark Barroca: 1.6 spg
2 – Chris Tiu: 1.3 spg

Blocks Per Game
1 – Marcus Douthit: 2 bpg
2 – Kelly Williams: 1 bpg

Smart Gilas Team Statistics
2-Point Field Goal: 89/147 (60.5%)
3-Point Field Goal: 11/43 (25.6%)
Free Throw: 54/78 (69%)
Turnovers Per Game: 17

In Summary:
– 6 players averaging 9 or more points per game, this means ball rotation is good
– So far no player has fouled out of the game in the 1st round, this is crucial since we only have 10 players
– 2-point field goal percentage is 60.5%, but this is due to easy points earned against UAE and Bahrain
– Mac Baracael playing well in the 3 position as well as JV Casio in the 2 position, with the loss of Chris Lutz and Marcio Lassiter the others are playing out of their usual position. (Sometimes Toroman uses Alapag, Barroca and Tiu at the same time which is really a small line-up)
– Asi Taulava playing well despite his age and a good back up for Marcus Douthit
– Only Mac Baracael is averaging more than 25 minutes per game, Coach Rajko Toromans rotation of 10 players is good and will be very important since games are played almost everyday

Needs to Improve
– Three-point field goal percentage is only 25.6%, we cannot win against much taller players if we do not shoot well from the three-point line
– Kelly Williams and Ranidel de Ocampo must step up in their rebounding.
– Free Throw percentage is only 69%, in close games, free Throw shooting is going to be crucial.
– Smart Gilas is averaging 17 turnovers per game which is very high against just one tough opponent in 3 games