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Rico Maierhofer Shoe Block Video

Update: Rico Maierhofer fined P20,000

Rico Maierhofer tried to block the shot of Gabby Espinas using his shoe in the San Miguel Beer vs Barako Bull game earlier. Referees did not stop he play as Rico Maierhofer lost his shoe during offense and carried it on defense and tried to use it to block a shot.

Watch Rico Maierhofer Shoe Block Video

Read statement by PBA Commissioner Chito Salud
“Present game rules are broad enough to cover the act of Rico Maierhofer. While not among those acts specifically prohibited by existing rules, said act can be considered to be in breach of the general conduct of games. Hence, it can be classified as a technical foul for using a foreign object as an aid in performing an offensive or defensive move.

More importantly, it is viewed by this Office as blatant misconduct that disrespects/mocks the game and unprofessional in nature. Mr. Maierhofer is hereby fined the amount of twenty thousand pesos (P 20,000.00)”

Video by Sports5

Another version here: