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Bobby Ray Parks with 4pts/3rebs as Atlanta eliminates Dallas

Bobby Ray Parks - Dallas Mavs

Atlanta Hawks eliminated Dallas Mavericks in the 2015 NBA Summer League Quarterfinals, 91-83. Bobby Ray Parks finished with 4 points, 3 rebounds and 1 block while Fil-Am Stephen Holt with just 5 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists for the Hawks.

Bobby Ray Parks to face another Fil-Am in NBA Summer League

Bobby Ray Parks and Dallas Mavericks will face Stephen Holt and Atlanta Hawks in the 2015 NBA Summer League Quarterfinals on July 18, 6pm (July 19, 6am Manila Time).

Stephen Holt

List of Fil-Ams Ineligible for Gilas Pilipinas

Jordan Clarkson

We keep on repeating and repeating why some Fil-Ams (or Fil-Foreigners) are ineligible to play for Gilas Pilipinas. Most think that if someone is a Fil-Am or part Filipino, they can automatically play for Gilas Pilipinas. If someone asks again, please just refer to this post. Thank you!

List of Fil-Ams Ineligible for Gilas Pilipinas
-Jordan Clarkson (Born in Tampa, Florida)
-Jason Brickman (Born in San Antonio, Texas)
-Stephen Holt (Born in Portland, Oregon)
-Chris Ellis (Born in Oceanside, California)