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“It is time for someone else take over the wheel” – Chot Reyes

Vincent “Chot” Reyes requested that his name should not be included in the search for the next Gilas Pilipinas Head Coach.

Gilas Pilipinas Coach Chot Reyes

Read Chot Reyes statement below as posted in his twitter (@coachot)
“I understand the Search Committee is scheduled to meet this week. In this light, I humbly request that my name would not be considered by the Committee as a candidate for the national team coach of Smart Gilas Pilipinas. This will allow the Committee to do its work unencumbered, take a broader view of other potential candidates to this national job, and enable the Gilas program to move on unfettered. Indeed, it is time for someone else take over the wheel; it is time for me to hand over that wheel.

Why Chot Reyes should be retained as Gilas Pilipinas Coach?

Gilas Pilipinas Coach Chot Reyes

We all have been watching and reading comments by many so called experts calling on the resignation of Gilas Pilipinas Head Coach Chot Reyes.

We would like to hear the side of others who want to retain Chot Reyes as Gilas Pilipinas Coach. Why should he be retained as Gilas Pilipinas Coach?

Happy Birthday Coach Chot Reyes


Happy Birthday Gilas Pilipinas Head Coach Chot Reyes! (Born August 1)

@coachot and the rest of the team will not be active on twitter for the rest of the tournament, please post your greetings in the comments section

27th FIBA Asia Championship Coaches


15 teams. 15 coaches. 27th FIBA Asia Championship.

Head Coaches
Philippines (PHI) – Vincent ‘Chot’ Reyes
China (CHN) – Panagiotis Giannakis
Iran (IRI) – Memi Becirovic
Jordan (JOR) – Vangelis Aleksandris
South Korea (KOR) – Yoo Jae-Hak
Chinese-Taipei (TPE) – Hsu Chin-tse
Saudi Arabia (KSA) – Nenad Kradzic
Japan (JPN) – Kimikazu Suzuki
Qatar (QAT) – Thomas ‘Tom’ Wisman

Gilas Pilipinas Coaching Staff

From front right: Norman Black, Chot Reyes, Jong Uichico, Butch Antonio, at the back: Josh Reyes, Ryan Gregorio

Let us support not only the Gilas Pilipinas Players but the Gilas Pilipinas Coaching Staff as well! #LabanPilipinas

Head Coach: Vincent Reyes (@coachot)
Team Manager: Severino Antonio (@BAAntonio)

Asst Coach: Joseph Uichico
Asst Coach: Norman Black
Asst Coach: Ryan Gregorio
Asst Coach: Josh Reyes (@josh_reyes)