Do you think Smart Gilas will win the 2011 Jones Cup?

2011 William Jones Cup Invitational Tournament
August 6-14, 2011
Sinjhuang Stadium, New Taipei City

Participating Teams: Iran, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates

Philippine National Basketball Team Line-upSmart Gilas Jones Cup Roster

Smart Gilas Jones Cup Schedule

Do you think Smart Gilas will win the 2011 Jones Cup?

  • Yes (82%, 1,009 Votes)
  • No (18%, 223 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,229

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18 Responses to Do you think Smart Gilas will win the 2011 Jones Cup?

  1. jr says:

    hopefully, manalo sila sa fiba-asia next month. para diretsyo london olympics na. pero, bago yun. maka gold sana sila ngayon sa jones cup. go, smart gilas! 🙂

  2. korea says:

    go!! korea!!

  3. Booman says:

    Chances of gilas to win jones cup is 30%, pero pwede tau mag 2nd or 3rd.

  4. Jalmar says:

    Oh… Yes! of course GO! Gilas… 🙂

  5. mar says:

    Oh… Yes! of course GO! Smart Gilas… nothing is impossible.. 🙂

  6. e25 says:

    I think they can win a medal. I HOPE THEY get GOLD. they have plays, got REALLY good defense, just work on that shooting accuracy and maximize that rebound to transition into scores. Also work on the basics (dribbles/pass), they tend to lose the ball. DEFINITELY A STRONG TEAM this group. Will winning this cup give them an advantage to get to the Olympics???

    Game against Iran happens tonight, they can win it again!
    Also which is better for them to play against: Korea or Taipei?

    Hope this team can taste that dream again: Olympics! (1976 since they last played, it’s been too long)

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