2013 FIBA Asia Championship 2nd Round Groupings


In the second round of the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship, only the top 3 teams from each group will advance, Group A and B will be combined and now be called Group E and Group C and D will merge and will now be Group F. All teams will retain their records from the first round minus the record from eliminated teams. There will be 3 games each in the second round, teams will face other teams that they did not encounter in the 1st round.

Gilas Pilipinas will face Japan, Qatar and Hong Kong in the 2nd round.

Group E
Qatar (2-0)
Chinese Taipei (2-0)
Japan (1-1)
Philippines (1-1)
Jordan (0-2)
Hong Kong (0-2)

Group F
Iran (2-0)
Kazakhstan (2-0)
South Korea (1-1)
Bahrain (1-1)
China (0-2)
India (0-2)

The Top 4 teams from Group E and F will have a crossover quarterfinals where the Top 1 will be against Top 4 from the other group and Top 2 will face Top 3 from the other group and vice versa, all games starting the quarterfinals will be knockout games.

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