2014 FIBA World Cup Wild Cards

Fifteen (15) national teams have submitted their applications for the 4 remaining Wild Card slots in the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain.


Teams who have submitted their application for the 2014 FIBA World Cup Wild Cards
Africa (1) – Nigeria
Americas (3) – Brazil, Canada and Venezuela
Asia (2) – China and Qatar
Europe (9) – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Poland, Russia and Turkey

Only 4 teams from the list above and no more than 3 from the same FIBA zone will be in the Wild Cards.

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Criteria of Selection for the Wild Cards (from fiba.com)
Sporting and Promotional Aspects
– The popularity of basketball in the country
– The quality and sporting results of the national teams of the country
– The hosting or bidding for hosting of past FIBA events
– The impact of a participation at the FIBA Basketball World Cup in the country in view of the country’s basketball development
– The commitment of the best players from the country to participate at the FIBA Basketball World Cup

Economic Aspects
– The involvement of local television and corporate sector in the domestic and international basketball competitions
– The importance of the country’s market to FIBA’s commercial partners
– The importance of the country to the Organisers of the FIBA Basketball World Cup

Governance Aspects
– Compliance with the Internal Regulations and General Statutes of FIBA
– The quality of the work of the National Federation
– Governmental support to the National Federation
– Participation in FIBA and/or FIBA Zone activities, commissions, et

Who do you think will get the 4 Wild Card slots?

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