Beau Belga vs GlobalPort Video

Beau Belga had an altercation with Billy Mamaril, Terrence Romeo and Anthony Semerad on separate incidents in the Rain or Shine vs GlobalPort game in Dubai last May 21.

Rain or Shine Elasto Painters defeated GlobalPort Batang Pier, 119-112. Read recap: Rain or Shine defeats GlobalPort in Dubai for 1st win

Watch Beau Belga vs GlobalPort Video

Video by Sports5

3 Responses to Beau Belga vs GlobalPort Video

  1. Danny nunez says:

    This is the way YOU handle the PBA “Kume”??? WHY??? WHY is it that ONLY Rain or Shine and it’s players (esp that monster BELGA) are allowed or FREE to do it “UNPUNISHED” whenever you do it is very LESS compared to what YOU’ve been imposing to other teams/ players!!! It makes the league so “disgusting” that I started to stop my 3 sons to watch the PBA here in KSA… SHAME!!!

  2. Shalom (Peace) says:

    Wag nang palaruin yang mga maiinit ang ulo, basketball is not the right sport for them…

  3. Belly says:


    Hindi mainit ang ulo ni Belga, pinag-iinit nya ang ulo ng kamatch-up nya para masira ang laro. It works all the time 🙂

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