Breakdown of the China vs Philippines FIBA Asia 2015 Finals Game

Nice unbiased breakdown of the China vs Philippines FIBA Asia 2015 Finals Game by Coach Nick.

Watch Breakdown of the Gilas Pilipinas vs China Finals Game Video


Do you agree with his breakdown of the FIBA Asia Finals?

6 Responses to Breakdown of the China vs Philippines FIBA Asia 2015 Finals Game

  1. james says:

    Hey, Coach Nick. I do get ur points but that simply tell me that you are unaware of how the Gilas Pilipinas way of basketball. Dribbling is part of our offense. That’s part of the design.

    1. I don’t blame you that you have a style of basketball that you prefer like the european sytle of play, or how the koreans execute their offense with all the passing and screening etc… as its very obvious with ur analysis. Philippine basketball has its own style of play. If you watch the last FIBA World and hiw we olay during the tourney, the strength of the Phil is in dribble penetration. Filipinoes are good athletic one on one players. Never mind how tall our opponents are we Filipinoes believe that we can take anybody one on one. That’s how skilled we are playing basketball. Our guards are the best dribblers in asia, and we recognize that strength. dribbling create opportunities to our players. We call it “larong kalye”. That’s the dribble drive offense of GILAS PILIPINAS. We don’t have the height but we always believe that we have an edged on speed and basketball skill.

    2. Basketball is a game of momentum. The Philippines started great then the Refs start whistling HORRENDOUS CALLS. Everytime we’re inching closer then a bad call will be made again. And how unfair also from you that even a Jason Castro dribbling you even find a way to JUSTIFY THE REF’s TRAVELLING CALL. How can you call someone travels while he’s dribbling the ball??? That shows me that ur already bias with ur analysis. Even Kobe Bryant saw that there’s something fishy there.

    3. The drive of Terrence Romeo to the basket then the Chinese player swat the ball while it already touches the board. That should already be called counted immediately then a 3pt play for Romeo. You even failed to recognize that in ur analysis! even in the video its very clear that Romeo and the coaching staff are all complaining for the no call. Instead you talk and talk of how good the execution of the Chinese and how bad the Gilas Pilipinas execute its game.

    4. The non call of RANIDEL. The reason why he out-balanced and made another step is bcoz he’s been BUMP and HOLD by the chinese player in front of the REFEREE!!! And what’s the call??? Travelling! And you even find a way to justify it. What a convenience from ur part. Then you interchange ur video again of how the Chinese played a good offense and how badly Gilas played its defense.

    5. The SWAT ON NORWOOD’s FACE. What did you said again??? He shoudn’t fall down??? What??? Again you blame the victim rather than the perpetrator. and again it all happen in front of the REFEREE!!!

    We didn’t play our beat game, YES! But ols don’t take away from us that we are shirt changed with all the CALLS THE REFEREE MADE!!! And pls don’t turn a blind eyes as if its a fare call made by the referees as what you want to imply! WE ARE NOT STUPID. WE KNOW OUR GAME!!! We try so hard but everytime we execute and want to start momentum going on our side another bad call will be made!!! And it happens over and over again!!! Even how tough you are mentally no 5PLAYERS CAN WIN

    WE KNOW WHAT WE SEE!!! It’s ok to be defeated. BUT ITS NOT OK TO BE CHEATED!!!

  2. maynard says:

    did you already play basketball that full of frustration due to wrong calls.

  3. Mike69 says:

    This does not mean though that China is a “stronger team with better athletes” as what the coach said; the Chinese are just taller (not bigger) and prepared much longer. Period. I believe we are better than them in many ways – offensively and defensively – with or without a naturalized player. We have our own, unique brand of play with a mixture of American and European styles. It’s just a matter of putting the best team possible and having a longer preparation time.

  4. BestPhilippines says:

    Coach Nick, I wanted to praise you for your unbiased analysis, but I’ve changed my mind. You were really bias most through out. Speech is my game, and it’s very obvious that you deliberately wanted to appear that China won simply because they were a stronger team because of their height and athleticism. You’re right about China bein’ the stronger team this yea,r but Gilas had enough heart and talent to upset China. The game of basketball is not just about what you pointed on your video, our team was the underdog, but we had the best basketball coach in all Asia: Tab Baldwin.

    You said it yourself, the Philippines had to play a near perfect game to win, but how could have they played that near perfect game when they were not given the fair chance by the referees to do so? How could have they executed offense well when the whole Gilas delegation were not given enough rest before the game, and did not have enough time to warm up during shoot-around? Gilas also had to go through a couple of tight games before the championship due to bad officiating.

    The real story was that China knew the referees were on their side since day one, that they played with full confidence and tons of attitude. The Chinese players even stayed in the same hotel as where the FIBA Asia organizers were staying, which is a CLEAR VIOLATION of the FIBA rules. They did not even let a number of Filipinos enter the arena to watch the championship. We are not sore losers, we, Filipinos did not complain losing to Iran and South Korea in FIBA Asia and at the Asian games (respectively) last year — China cheated the Philippines and the real basketball fans all over Asia, and that’s a true story.

    Shame on China and definitely shame on FIBA!!!

  5. Istukindoy says:

    Hey Nick,

    Hontiveros was even lucky that he didnt get technical after he was being knocked and kicked? WHAT THE FUCK! You are a great analyst in a sarcasm mode

  6. LeeH says:

    Coach Nick, good day.
    Can you do the same unbiased “Breakdown of the China vs Philippines” this recently FIBA Asia 2017 classification game?

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