Finals: Gilas Pilipinas vs China Highlights Video

China defeated Gilas Pilipinas in the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship Finals and qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Watch Finals: Gilas Pilipinas vs China Highlights Video

Video by FIBA

4 Responses to Finals: Gilas Pilipinas vs China Highlights Video

  1. cody says:

    Gilas 4.0
    Blatche 6’11″C
    Fajardo6’11 C
    Aguilar 6’10″pf/c
    Rosario 6’7pf
    Deocampo 6’6″pf
    Paras 6’7″sf
    Norwood 6’6″sf
    Clarkson 6’5″g
    Park 6’4″g
    Lassiter 6’3″g
    Romeo 6’0″g
    Castro 5’11 g

    • cody says:

      Ist five
      Blatche 6’11
      Aguilar 6’10
      Norwood 6’6
      Clarkson 6’5
      Castro 5’11
      Paras 6’7
      Park 6’4
      Lassiter 6’3

      • JOSEPH R. TAPEL says:

        hoping that the line up posted would be a reality coz there will be a good match up against china when time comes.

  2. felix says:

    Grabe naman ang China hindi marunong makipag laro nang parehas advantage nman cla sa high tapos home court nila pati referee sinali pa nila grabe naman…pinatunayan lang nila nah hindi nla kayang makig Laro ng parehas… Kahit talo ang Gilas pero Para sa aming mga pinoy…Kayo ang Champion..


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