Gilas Pilipinas Practice Video

A peek into the Gilas Pilipinas 3.0 Day 3 Practice at the Meralco Gym. View Gilas Pilipinas Player Pool for 2015 FIBA Asia

Watch Gilas Pilipinas Practice Video

VIDEO: 'Gilas Practice Day 3'Watch this exclusive video of our Gilas Pilipinas practice at the Meralco Gym! #LabanPilipinas #PUSO

Posted by Sports5 on Friday, August 7, 2015

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9 Responses to Gilas Pilipinas Practice Video

  1. Emerson says:

    They are our Truly Heroes
    Who serves for us Filipinos,
    Doing patriotic duty,
    Answering their country’s call,

    When our country had an urgent need,
    These brave ones raised a hand;
    No hesitation held them back;

    They were proud to take a stand.
    Take a moment to thank them.

    We will stand to support them until end
    We are proud of them;

    God bless GILAS.

    To those unpatriotic and faithless smb & rain or shine we will boycott all your products!

  2. angelojimenez981 says:

    family matters

  3. rodel semillano says:

    im rodel fans of pilipino basketball my comment ok na ang team gilas pwede pa va pakidagdag na lng sa tgeam nyo sina ping examianno at justin melton for deffensive player please thank you

  4. john legends says:

    whats wrong with the couching stuff the players they pick is bullcrap JC INTAL ?????seruiso mo ??. id rather pick jared dilinger or larry fornerciar instead of jc cuz men he got no fundemental shooting every shot he takes is lucky . where the f#^# is greg sluaghter ??.

  5. john legends says:

    [email protected]^& rain or shine take could have help gilas by lending alamazan and paul lee they could make an impact instead they choice ramos and asi

  6. Algil says:

    Good.. !!

  7. Algil says:

    CAlvin Abueva You Are The Power Of Gilas.. ?

  8. JOEY C. OLARTE says:

    Line up for 3.0 Gilas
    1.J. Castro
    2.T. Romeo
    3.L. Tenorio
    5. Norwood
    6. Abueva
    7. J. Aguilar
    8.M. Pingris
    9.S. Thoss
    11. Fajardo

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