Jimmy Alapag – Best Player of Gilas Pilipinas Video

Watch the highlights of Jimmy Alapag (Best Player-Gilas Pilipinas) in the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

View Gilas Pilipinas FIBA World Cup Recap

Video by FIBA

8 Responses to Jimmy Alapag – Best Player of Gilas Pilipinas Video

  1. John christian ferrariz says:

    =.,i proud 2v jimmy alapag gogohhhhh gilaspilipinas.?.=

  2. criselda ballier says:

    proud to u jimmy alapag go for 3 points shoot.. gudluck

  3. Joel Deroda says:

    Idol jimmy alapag sana galingan niyo sa fiba isian games laban pilipinas Puso..!!

  4. Alberto Claro B. Amarga says:

    Wow ! ! ! Congratulation. To be deserving as MVP, it should be 110% always during his playing stunts only against Senegal he done it, but on other lost games he was not fielded to win the games ? Coach Chot Reyes must have done it every game and always have a tower of power: Doghit and Fajardo should be fielded simultaneously to have offensive and defensive rebound in control.

    Regards, keep it up Smart Gilas on the Fiba Asian Games. Good Luck.

    • panggoy francisco says:

      This is what i’m saying! We in our own turf, we are playing against international players. When we say international, that word alone will automatically give us the idea that we are playing against much much taller player spicifically on 1,2,3 position. The coaching staff should be fielded in our taller… utilize the players talent. One of that was fielding in the twin tower…

  5. Ryan Cruz says:

    Wag tayung susuko tuloy lang ang laban pilipinas # PUSO

  6. Vicente Eric E. Ignacio says:

    Congratulations Jimmy Alapag I’m proud of you Idol, the Fans of TNT so proud of you!….

  7. Jabez Rendiza says:




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