Jordan Clarkson in Gilas Practice Photos and Videos

Jordan Clarkson joined the practice of Gilas Pilipinas earlier at the Meralco Gym. It was the 1st time Jordan Clarkson (wearing Jersey #6) joined Gilas Pilipinas and the players were excited and proud to have Jordan Clarkson even just in practice for now since he needs approval from FIBA and the LA Lakers before he can join Gilas Pilipinas in FIBA Tournaments.

Jordan Clarkson in Gilas Practice Photos and Videos as posted in the following Social Media Accounts

6 Responses to Jordan Clarkson in Gilas Practice Photos and Videos

  1. rv says:


  2. Purefoods Fanatics says:

    Happy seeing Jordan Clarkson wearing Gilas Pilipinas Uniform! God bless Gilas. #PUSO! 🙂

  3. Game Condition says:

    Whow! Jordan Clarkson! How bout that! Wish the FIBA and Lakers will allow him to play with the National Team. Go Gilas!

  4. Eden says:

    I salute u jordan clarkson!the king is come..puso!

  5. juliusriesgado says:

    I love to see Clark WEARING THAT beautiful uniform of gilas. go go! you are now part of GILAS TEAM. AND I’m also proud of you cause you inspired me a lot in your amazing performance. God bless you guy!

  6. Benjie says:

    The most amazing thing about this is Jordan Clarkson’s willingness to play and eagerness to help the country. Something that many of our local players and PBA team owners should learn from.Shame on them. Jordan is howing more #puso than them. I salute you @JClark5on. The Filipino people is so proud of you. I can wait to see Jordan Clarkson and Kobe Paras playing together wearing Gilas Uniform in the future.

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