Kobe Paras Cathedral High School Highlights Video

US sports website ballislife.com released the highlights video of Kobe Paras playing for Cathedral High School in Los Angeles. Lots of nice moves by Kobe Paras not just the dunks but great passes also.

Watch Kobe Paras Cathedral High School Highlights Video

10 Responses to Kobe Paras Cathedral High School Highlights Video

  1. RV says:

    What a future for our Philippine basketball team. 🙂 God bless you Kobe…

  2. joel salvador says:

    Nice moves, Kobe. Keep it up!

  3. chief sapilan says:

    Look a like her father the power of tower benje paras.

  4. maixkaba says:

    galing ya

  5. MILANY says:

    Nice moves and dunk kobe, i was once an avid fan of your father, and you really move like your father. Keep it up

    • sanee says:

      @Milany, with due respect to Benji Paras who gave my alma mater the only UAAP Basketball trophy that it has, NO, Benji didn’t play as good as this son of his does. Benji played Center, he dominated the paint, but he didn’t run breaks. Ronnie Magsanoc did. But Ronnie didn’t dunk.

      Let’s wait for Kobe Paras to face tough opponents, let’s see if he can perform under pressure. So far, his moves are indeed great.

      • bato says:

        @sanee, kahit anong sabihin mo di ka parin makakapag basketball. And benji is the only player who won mvp and rookie of the year in the PBA history.

  6. WESLEY says:


  7. ray M arT says:

    sana mkuha kobe paraz sa nba.. pra my galing sa bansa lumaki sa pilipinas na mglalaro s NbA.. aztig yun. idol keep it up.. mlayo tlaga sa pba sa NBA..mrAming NFA rice pa n kkainin. joke hahaha

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