PBA suspends, fines Yeng Guiao

Rain or Shine Head Coach Yeng Guiao has been suspended for 1 game and fined P40,000 for “yelling invectives at the referees and technical group” in the Rain or Shine vs Mahindra game where he was ejected from the game before halftime.

Watch Yeng Guiao getting ejected Video

Video by Sports5

Do you believe that the penalty for the actions of Yeng Guiao was correct?

2 Responses to PBA suspends, fines Yeng Guiao

  1. YengGuiaoHASNORESPECT says:

    That’s not enough for him. I love watching PBA but doing that to the referee and the technical group that shows NO RESPECT for the rules of the Basketball. No such thing as PERFECT REFEREE. Even in the NBA they commit mistakes and it’s normal but can you compare the difference between the coaches of NBA and PBA? Well of course NBA coaches complain but they never yell at the officials not like YENG. They have respect and PROFESSIONAL UNDERSTANDING on the job of the referee. They can not be perfect no matter how many times they will be train on their job. YENG is just so arrogant and he don’t have respect. It seems he want to manipulate the referee to follow what he thinks what is right and what is wrong. I think YENG does not suit for the job of coach maybe he is perfect being a REFEREE ‘cuz I think he knows everything about calling violations. If YENG will be out of the PBA then there will be PEACE and HARMONY in PBA.

  2. walangkwentangcoachsiyengguiao says:

    gago nga yeng guiao ni ay! duman niya sa kaugalingon niya sya na gid ang pinakasagad nga referee sa universe. daw isulod nya pa sa bulsa ang technical staff kg mga referee.ginahimu lng nila ang ila obra kg kun anu ang insakto.gago!basi ginatudloan pa ni nya guro ang iya mga players magdinaya just like kay fajardo to last season before finals wala sya kahampang kay tungod ginbalda sya sang taga rain or shine. sino pa b ang matudlo kundi siya nga coach. di na sya dapat magbalik sa pba.

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