Philippines vs Chinese-Taipei Game Highlights

2011 FIBA Asia Championship
Philippines vs Chinese-Taipei Game Highlights Video

Read Recap: Philippines beats Chinese-Taipei, now in Final Four

Semifinals Schedule – Sat, September 24, 2011
Philippines vs Jordan – 3:30pm
China vs South Korea – 8pm

* thanks to dakerdz of youtube

One Response to Philippines vs Chinese-Taipei Game Highlights

  1. Disapointed says:

    You guys are disapointing. You beat jordan twice in this tournament, not to mention in jones cup too. How come u lost today? Unbelievable. You guys are inconsistent, believing after the fist half things are gonna get better but it didn’t..infact, it gotten worse. Jordan’s 3 pointers are going in when in fact in the 1st half they can’t make a 3. I don’t believe this smart gilas program any more. You guys just play in the pba…sorry to say but your skills and mindset you guys have right now are not for international competition.

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