Philippines vs Korea Battle for 3rd Game Highlights

2011 FIBA Asia Championship
Philippines vs Korea Battle for Third Place Game Highlights Video

Read Recap: Philippines finished 4th Place in FIBA Asia

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  1. wens ortiz says:

    Guys, as I have said s ibng comments ko, You let us down in your last two games (Jordan and Korea), we basketball fanatics beleived in you, in the team and all the players included in the line up.kaya gnun kmi but let’s move on, I feel we’re on track slowly but surely tataob lahat yn, Jordan is aging, pg nwala c wright malabo n chnces nyn. But let’s focus on our basketball so that whoever they bring against us nothing will get on our way. 1. Let’s train our big guys, Slaughter and Fajardo even samigue eman. Andyn c Kuya Douthit, kunin ntn head trainer s big man kaya khit d n pde c douthit his legacy moves on, at least 6’10” dpat center ntn at kun ganun height dpat ma compensate ng quickness. All other positions kayang punan except the center spot. 2. PBA- FIBA format conference, marami n kming nag peplead, Sir Salud. pra familiarize ang players s fouls called, defense and offense orientations ng FIBA style. Un selection din ng players pra s international events please involve the fans pra kahit matalo eh walang pag sisisi ksi un ang pnili namin. Expose din ntn ang development team 2ld ng dti s foreign teams to gauge up. 3. Develop the mentality of never-say-die (Korea, Ginebra, bmeg) grabe ang intensity ng laro s fiba dpat plging aggresive prng boxing dpat ipakita s refs kun cno aggressive, pr pg my konting sundot tntwagan agd evry ball possesion yn. Wala pla s smart line-up un Hustle player, un hndi nagiisip ng puntos. rebound, steal, shot block lng oki n s knya, maybe better if we could add a player like that. We came up short ngaun, hndi ntn na sustain un intensity ntn. Thanks for the effort, makakalimot din tayo but we must learn and adjust, Konting tune-up p, Coach T and his system is brilliant, we must keep him.
    Qualities/parameters n tingin k a must when selecting.
    1. that plays with a lot of heart, that is not afraid to show his emotion off and on the court, A true leader, motivates and even scold if needed his fellow players when something is not right, this is ok if he is doing this so that his teammates will improve and himself as well.
    2. Acceptable height at his position, we can give at max 3″ for this ksi kun athletic naman player.. kaya nga oki din line up ni toroman.
    Have patience with Aguilar, mahasa lng ny depensa ny s poste at medyo s perimter at un opensa ny matutunan din yn s PBA. He may be our first NBA legit bidder.
    3. Skills- (Good shot selection, doesn’t turnover the ball often) eto nakukuha naman s EXPOSURE,un talent(shooting, rebound, blocking, steal) at height ang hindi.

  2. pogi says:

    Suggested Team
    C Slaughter 6’11
    Douthit 6’10
    PF Fajardo 6’9
    Williams 6’7
    SF Aguilar 6’9
    De Vance 6’8
    Washington 6’7
    SG Lassiter 6’3
    Parks 6’4
    PG Norwood 6’6
    Reyes 6’2

    This team is is tall and strong defensively and offensively

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