Terrence Romeo and LA Tenorio Video

Former Gilas LA Tenorio and current Gilas Terrence Romeo had an altercation in the Barangay Ginebra vs GlobalPort PBA Quarterfinals game in the 2017 PBA Commissioners Cup. Terrence Romeo was ejected for hitting LA Tenorio.

Watch Terrence Romeo and LA Tenorio Video

Video by Sports5

2 Responses to Terrence Romeo and LA Tenorio Video

  1. Augus\t C. Fernando says:

    Tenorio is being called by Hollywood. Scout found him a GREAT ACTOR. Hie FEIGNED FLOP was the height of histrionic greatness! Namaluktot pa sa sahig ang mokong e nasagi lang ng kamay ni Terence? At tinignan pa mandin kung nakatingin ang referee sa kanya! GREAT ARTIST, THIS KUMAG!!

  2. Augus\t C. Fernando says:

    TENORIO, a good cager. A GREAT ACTOR! Ikaw na, kumag!

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