Top 5 PBA Plays (3/16/16) Video

Top 5 PBA Plays for March 16, 2016 as Rain or Shine beat Mahindra and San Miguel won against Alaska.

Watch Top 5 PBA Plays (3/16/16) Video
#5: Slam Dunk by Augustus Gilchrist

#4: LA Revilla vs Rain or Shine

#3: Jeff Chan rebound then goes coast to coast for a layup

#2: Ping Exciminiano to Shane Edwards for the slam

#1: Calvin Abueva to Shane Edwards for the alley oop slam

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2 Responses to Top 5 PBA Plays (3/16/16) Video

  1. Ang GaLenq TaLaqa nq idol jeffChan Ko 😀

  2. Ibanq Iba taLaqa Anq IdoL jeff Chan namen LaLo na sa Bahay
    paq Laban na Nq RainorShine Laqenq Ang inga LaLo na
    Paq nakaka 3Points sii idoL JeffChan
    #PBA 😀

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