Gilas Pilipinas Asian Games Schedule

2014 Asian Games Incheon

Gilas Pilipinas Game Schedule for 2014 Asian Games
(Hwaseong Sports Complex Gymnasium, Incheon, South Korea)
Sep 20 – Start of Qualifying Round
(No Game for Gilas Pilipinas since automatically qualified for Preliminary Round)
Sep 23, 1pm – Gilas Pilipinas vs India (Live on TV5)
Sep 25, 1pm – Gilas Pilipinas vs Iran (Live on TV5)
Sep 26, 5:30pm – Gilas Pilipinas vs Qatar (Live on TV5)
Sep 27, 1pm – Gilas Pilipinas vs South Korea (Live on TV5)
Sep 28, 2:15pm – Gilas Pilipinas vs Kazakhstan (Live on TV5)

Ranking 5-8th Place
Sep 29, 3:15pm – Gilas Pilipinas vs China

* Time is PH Time – Incheon, South Korea is just +1 or GMT+9

2014 Asian Games Basketball Groups
2014 Asian Games Basketball Groups

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98 Responses to Gilas Pilipinas Asian Games Schedule

  1. drayBlatche says:

    No Blatche, Big Problem!

  2. renz says:

    i’ve noticed that we filipinos like to debate or quarrel even over a tiny matter. is it because everyone of us believes that they are better mentally over the other? if indeed we are good mentally, why we remained poor for so very long? why other countries are way ahead of us? why until now we have no gold while other countries has got many already in the asian games today? hindi pa ba pumasok sa mga kukuti natin baka mas bobo pa tayo kaysa iba? we should be humble because we have nothing to be proud of.

  3. DON CORLEONE says:

    Panalo dapat kesa puro puso. puro muntik ganun pa din talo pa din.. Hindi nakakatuwa yun.

  4. cruz says:

    Coaching problem.palitan kai Tim.

  5. jeff says:

    It’s time to change coach Chot… We have much Skilled Coach like Tim…

  6. Carl Segundo says:

    Better next tym goals team

  7. Carl Segundo says:

    Gilas team is the best..

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