Smart Ultimate Allstar Weekend


Smart Gilas will face an NBA Selection composed of Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Tyreke Evans, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Derrick Williams, Derek Fisher, Javale McGee and MVP Derrick Rose on Sunday, July 24, 2011, 1pm at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. (Delayed telecast at 5:30pm – InterAKTV 13)

Smart Gilas will be reinforced by Jimmy Alapag, Kelly Williams, Ranidel de Ocampo, Asi Taulava and Dondon Hontiveros.

The Smart Ultimate Allstar Weekend will also feature the NBA Selection against a PBA selection composed of James Yap, Marc Pingris, Mark Caguiao, JC Intal, Arwind Santos, Rabeh Al-Hussaini, Jason Castro, Ryan Reyes, Larry Fonacier, Sonny Thoss, LA Tenorio, Sol Mercado, Gary David, Gabe Norwood and Danny Siegle on July 23, 2011, 7pm also at the Big Dome. (Live Telecast – InterAKTV 13)

This event is brought to you by Smart and MVP Foundation along with PLDT, Meralco and TV5.

Tickets available at, please call 911-5555!

10 Responses to Smart Ultimate Allstar Weekend

  1. ronin says:

    Good luck to the team! But just a couple of words (eg. unsolicited advice, if you will):

    Please don’t be starstruck with these NBA players. Even if this is just an exhibition match, play your hearts out against them. If you need to be a little rough, do so. Playing this way won’t be a sign of disrespect to your “idols.” In fact, I feel that you would be insulting them even more if you just stood there and watch them do their “highlight reel moves” without you making any efforts to foil them. And most of all, that would also be an insult to us, the fans who will come to watch you match skills with them. It won’t really matter if you end up losing to them, kahit tambak pa. As long as we see that you did exert every effort to play well, that would be enough.

    Just keep in mind, the Smart Gilas project was conceptualized so that one day, the Philippine basketball team would once again play in the Olympics. This match with the NBA selection team will be rare preview to that dream, so please, make the most of it!

    Again, goodluck to you all and God Bless!

  2. Raul de Leon says:

    Kindly provide us the details of the July 24 schedule from 1pm onwards. Thank you and more power

  3. dennis says:

    san po pwede mapanood young allstar

  4. Geo says:

    Team Pilipinas…show it to these basketball superstars from NBA that we Filipinos can play real basketball with them.

    Let’s not say or think it was a exhibition game to thrill fans out there but to show how good Philippine Basketball is. They accepted this offer as a challenge to Team Pilipinas, a challenge to our basketball skills and a challenge to our personal attitude.

    Play like a team to achieve one shot, one play, and one goal.

    We can be like them…Let’s play Team Pilipinas…

    Hoping for the best, for the good of our beloved Pilipinas…

    Mabuhay Team Pilipinas…Goodluck…

  5. Vic Osorio says:

    Filipino basketball players playing in PBA can never win in an international competition becasue they lack the skills in playing outside of their homecout which is almost year round the Araneta Colisuem.Compare them to players in other countries like the USA where even in high school or college they are aleady used to playing 2/3 of their season games outside of their home court and under hostile spectators and unfamiliar courts.

  6. harvs says:

    So far it was the best game you ever played as a team. You made the best players in the world respect you. Thank you for the good game even if you still lose, its worth watching and supporting smart gilas. I hope you succeed with the country’s goal. 😀

  7. ynneb says:

    Yeah, they played well and held their own against some of the world’s best. It was a good sight to behold, and it made a lot of believers out of some doubters. But let us not get carried away. The NBA players treated it as it is: an exhibition game. Let’s be realistic guys: they aren’t even that serious to begin with. We certainly have the skills, the heart, dedication, passion, drive.. all the qualities required to be successful in this sport sans HEIGHT. We do have athleticism but we really lack ceiling in a sport which heavily depend on height. What I can see from participating in this international games and formation of Gilas is the development of our young, INDIVIDUAL players. We can also reclaim our past glory in Asian Basketball and finally play in the Olympics and World Basketball Championships but sadly, that’s about it. But hey, if we keep on developing our local players they can succeed and might even play in the NBA. Just look at how JVee Casio play, he can be a sort of JJ Barea-like player in the NBA. Among the Gilas and the PBA players, he was the one who clearly impressed the superstars.

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